Thursday, March 22, 2007

Earls - Dining Out In Vancouver

Leaha and I went out to Earls last night prior to seeing the Fray, I must say that it was a disappointment. Living in Vancouver, where Lululemon is considered more fashionable then jeans, and organic is the only way to eat, then why is it so hard to make a vegetarian/vegan dish in a major chain restaurant? Leaha is a semi-vegetarian who doesn't have any dairy, and I being vegan are pretty much left with no where to eat anywhere except Kits, Main or Commercial - all pretty much being out of the downtown core - so we took a gamble on Earls - they have to have something right? Wrong. I was left eating edamame and their hunan kung pao - a noodle dish - which in and of it's self was way too salty. It wasn't bad, but when the only other option is a mushroom burger which would need to be stripped of the aoli and the cheese, all I would be left with in the end would be a mushroom, red pepper and ciabatta bun - hmm, the old fall back, the veggie burger. I honestly don't want to be continually resigned to plain pasta or veggie burgers each time I got out. Come up with something interesting, unique - vegetarian at least or even vegan without resorting to smothering it in cheese or other fats - that is what annoys me even more. Regardless I will not be going back.

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