Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cookies n' Cream Cupcakes

While I 'm sure that the picture on the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World website is definitely better, and that Cheryl will critique this one... I'm still working on the whole photographing food thing. One thing I don't need to work on is my baking... while these cupcakes were initially received with skepticism - and I was sure I would have to resort to desperate measures to get rid of them - I returned home from work on Wednesday and all but one was gone. Hmm.... If you want the recipe, buy the book, sorry I'm not going to get into any copyright issues with these babies. And if you don't want to buy the book, I'm happy to make them again.

On another note, stay tuned I've got a big b-day celebration to plan and cook for - this will be interesting considering there are severe allergies to nuts in the group - so no coconut can be involved. I'm thinking going the route of lemon curd/pudding filling and white cake with berries for the dessert and a modified version of manicotti - since I have to consider 3 of the guest are on the same carbohydrate and calorie reduced meal plan...

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