Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've been away for a while primarily because I don't have a camera - it left me mid December and will remain away from me for at least another month, due to me being a good sister and lending it to my brother - who just happens to live in Montreal...

But to update - of course I've been cooking - I received Veganomicon for Christmas -

Chickpea cutlets are now a staple - I eliminated most of the herb seasoning though... I use them for faux veal Parmesan - cook them and then broil them with bottled sauce over them until bubbly - even add some faux cheese if you want and then serve over whole wheat pasta...

Asian tofu- bombed the first time and was awesome the second time

Sushi - good as restaurant, if not better and so easy - you have no idea

Moussaka - turned out perfect despite Leaha's dislike for anything with a creamy texture - the pine-nut creme was amazing

Lemon Bars - less agar next time, more soy milk/creme - I like mine slightly creamier - we'll have to fiddle with that recipe.

On another note - Vegan Dad - offered me one of the greatest gifts - tuna - well not really tuna - but vegan tuna - nori, veganase, lemon juice and chickpeas - pureed and then green onions and celery added - and you've got tuna - and unlike tuna it doesn't stink up your kitchen or go bad in a matter of hours - it is actually better the next day...

Cinnamon buns courtesy of Vegan Visitor were amazing - while I wasn't thrilled that you could taste the banana - the funny thing is it kept the buns fresh tasting well into the week - and when only two are eating them that's a good thing.

I promise to return to regular blogging hours shortly - and of course pictures will return as well. In the interm check out Vegan Dad

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jocelyn said...

I loved the moussaka - I have no fear of The Creamy.