Saturday, April 10, 2010

Full Day

I was extremely disheartened yesterday when I plucked a bag of pucks, er bagels out of the freezer section at WF. They were $7 for 4, they were small, sickly pucks. I put them back. Sorry I'll live off of hot cereal and waffles if this is my bread option. Today was going to be bagel day but my bag of xantham gum has walked away - so instead today was a discover all the amazing things in my local produce store day.

1. CHEAP white corn tortillas - a huge bag for $2.73
2. Brown Rice flour and goat's milk is cheaper
3. Goat's milk CHEDDAR - yippee skippy I can have nachos, not that I need to, but... but I was considering a burger next week - stay tuned I'm going to try and figure out if I can stretch my burger mix into burgers and meatballs by adding a can of beans...
4. GF hot cereal that looks passable - I am going to have to invest in some good cold cereal, oddly I miss it as a snack food...
5. Pork butt - eek, meat - sorry I know, I know but we've been through this folks, I can't live on rice and beans alone.

So what occurred this morning - well what hasn't?

1. Made pancakes - used VWAV recipe, reduced the milk by half, the sweetener by half and used 1/2 c. of Lemon-Lime soda. You might be wondering if I'm daft - I'm not. I like my pancakes like McDonald's and summer camp make them - fluffy. I have found that no amount of eggs or no eggs, resting or not resting gets me what I get when I add soda. I used my GF flour mix - no changes. I will tell you that it looked really liquid but it worked perfect.2. Granola - to go on top of my goat's milk yogurt which I have started an unfortunate addiction to... Alton's recipe is the only one I use, by the way folks I view Alton like Jamie Oliver as the new voices in the chorus started years ago by the greats like Julia Child. Goodness people cooking is not that hard, sure it can be a little work, but it is not like giving birth, going to war, running a country or even walking in 4 inch heels kind of work.

3. Put that piece of meat in the slow cooker for tonight's margarita night at Ms. J's. The recipe is here note that I used butt and not shoulder. I also added 1 cup of taco sauce - which is comprised of tomatillos and spices. There is going to be a red cabbage slaw from Veganomicon. More to come on this one later.

4. Planning on buns/rolls from a mix I purchased - see how it works... and cupcakes I think, not sure I had promised a friend 2 dozen brownies - but since I don't have any more sweet potato puree or agave left I am wondering if I can whip something else up like the PPK's gingerbread cupcakes or their Lemon Gems.

For this moment it is time to finish off the morning pot of coffee, change the laundry and have a nap.


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

"the new voices in the chorus started years ago..."

I love that line.

Traversing said...

Thanks, I do have to say that it is something I feel strongly about, we have missed the fundamental health and spiritual benefit of cooking - of getting your hands on the raw product and producing something that is nourishing.

Jamie's At Home series is amazing, never mind his School Lunch program. Alton's Good Eat's is wonderful in that it demystifies the process