Saturday, October 23, 2010


There are times where I want cheese and I am prepared to take on the dysfunction that results, normally these times are contained to Friday nights spent alone watching hockey. Yesterday however I was confronted with Daiya in my local produce store. I was skeptical - GF, DF and SF and you can still call it a product, never mind relating it to cheese? It was the same cost as a block of conventional cheese - which I will tell you I always end up throwing away.

So Daiya - well it looks, smells and feels not like cheese - it doesn't really taste like cheese. However, given the number of soy based cheeses I consumed while vegan - I tried EVERYTHING it is not offensive, it does what I need it to do - adhere toppings to a crust in an assemblance of pizza-ness, it does that. I made "cheese-steak" pizza last night in my attempt to use up a roast that did not turn out. In case you are wondering a food processor can hide the horrors of tough but expensive organic meat if that happens to you. I used my last Udi's crust - which actually made me sad, especially since I have a bag of Daiya to use up.

Below is a side by side with conventional mozzarella - apologies for the blur - the Daiya is on the left and the conventional on the right. If you doubt my surprising like for Daiya I did the pizza with half of each.

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