Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pockets! And all the details

I discussed the basic items you need to start with yesterday. Today I am going to let you in on some of the things I have learned over the years I have been running - only 2, so fear not I am still learning.

1. Pockets! Find pants/shorts/running skirts with zipper pockets. Those little flap pockets are useless. Nike is so far the only company I have seen to really think about the pocket situation. NB has decent pockets for ipods and credit cards but not for keys.

Remember everything you need to store if you are not carrying a water belt:

a. ID - even if it is just your health card or a laminated business card with your basic info, it is important. There are id bands you can get - I would say put it on your birthday or Christmas wish list - they're really great but not desperately important at the moment.

b. Phone - put it in a ziploc, you will sweat on it. This I would only advise for long runs, runs where you need to meet up with someone or runs in obscure places - to the last I would say you should not be running on trails alone anyways.

c. Music - I use it, I understand the need for it, but I would caution everyone about the volume and your awareness to your surroundings. Do not use if you are trail running alone - plain and simple. If you are a lucky lady some of the running skirts have a separate pocket for this.

d. Gel/Chapstick/Klennex - some day you'll need one of these or all

e. Keys

f. If you're me I normally have to pack in a debit card and my bus pass - that is only for long runs though.

You may say but I just wanted to go out for a "simple run," Keys and Id - beyond that do whatever you want, but I say this from experience, if you don't have a zippered pocket, safety pin that key, you do not want to lose it.

Beyond pockets what else do you need?

2. Friends to run with - you don't have to run together all the time, but you should run with someone once a week or once every two weeks. Why? Running while it is a "solitary" sport, is really a big community of people just as crazy as you - spend some time with the crazy - it will be good for you. If you don't have friends who are runners consider joining a running group, starting up a group or asking your friends if they know any runners. Trust me you'll enjoy your time with them and your time alone more for it.

Last but not least you should consider these:

3. Set a goal. - We'll talk about this in the next little while

4. Nutrition - We'll talk about this next week


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