Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Menu Planning

So you are likely wondering what in the world am I going to eat next week - and the following week without my beloved carbohydrates... well the sweet ones at least.

For the week:

Breakfast: Buckwheat Hot Cereal with Coconut milk and dried coconut - you can also try Rice with Coconut milk done in a slow cooker with Brown Rice.  No sugar added, but you can add aromatics like cardamon and cinnamom, make it Indian or Thai in flavor.  Spices are your friend regardless.

The plan calls for no coffee - I for one am going to tell you that this is not practical and is going to make me very sad if I do - but I will be limiting myself to a half cup.

Mid morning snack: Plain (ie. sour) goat's milk yogurt with a sprinkle of nuts and flax seeds, fresh mint or vanilla and sweetened with a little stevia


1. Cabbage Rolls - the super food of the world it seems - naturally GF/DF and also Anti-Candida Friendly x 2 nights
2. Souvlaki pork with Quinoa pilaf and Greek Salad  - my souvlaki marinade is Tamari (granted this is not approved per say, given the limited use of the product I think I'm good), lemon zest/juice, olive oil, garlic and fresh oregano.
3. Chickpea taco salad over brown rice - I might opt for no rice and rather up the protein content with this meal.
4. Energy Bowl - from Refresh cookbook w/chicken
5. Green Goddess Bowl w/shrimp -minus the shrimp from the Refresh cookbook.

So far so good, can't say I feel any better, other than water logged and I'm sleeping horribly... *sigh* I think I need to exercise in some fashion or another.

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