Sunday, May 01, 2011


I know my food posts have been limited as of late - being sick does not help that process. However Hope for Healing inspired me to try making gnocchi. The recipe is on her blog - so check it out.

Just a little FYI section - 3 large russet potatoes will work if you do not have access to Yukon Gold potatoes. Do not however use a potato like a red, the texture is not the same. I would also strongly suggest halving the recipe if you do not have an army to feed. While the recipe is easy, the quantity is large for one person like myself. I have frozen the remainder of the cooked pasta and am hoping for the best. I have to say I also really love that it is egg white free which I am allergic to (yes no meringue or pavlova for me unless I want to be using a fork to scratch the roof of my mouth to oblivion all while weezing).

Pictures below of the process:

This is only a sampling of the quantity

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