Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Commuter Running - The Gear

Truth be told you really don't need any gear - it just depends on where, when and how you commute.  I take the bus and train to work and then the train back to where my bus drops me off in the morning.  Running to or from work entirely is not an option, even biking is not an option as aside from the distance, it's a good 30-40 minute highway drive, as well there is a nasty slightly even not-car friendly bridge preventing any alternative.

So for me - the option is clear to run home from the train.  There are multiple options, some I will consider in more depth as I look to extend my mileage. But for now the point here is the gear.  At it's basics, you'll need to carry whatever you need to carry on a daily basis and you'll need hydration and transportation covered.

To cover these I purchased this bag:

It has two waist pockets on the strap, a chest strap, a back zippered pocket for a camelpak (if you have one).  There are three compartments - outside (the one where my shoes are), a front pocket with zipper pockets and a larger back compartment with more zippered and sectioned pockets.  As well there are two mesh side pockets - for my umbrella and sunglasses or whatever.  It also has compression pulls to help the camelpak flow when it gets towards the bottom (those clear hoops - see right side of the photo).

As for storage it's great! I have no problem finding room - the problem is having too much stuff in it.  It is the perfect size for a petite frame, regardless of your weight,  I will say that if you are broad across your chest, adjustments will need to be made.  I am petite frame wise on top (32 C/D) and the strap fully extended just fit right.  The waist strap had a lot more room, which I found a little weird, but it would easily fit a size 12/14 waist.

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