Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 1 Training Update

I am going to try and keep some form of an update/post schedule to keep me on track.  My primary training partner/best friend and I are trying to hash out a solid program we won't let slide again.  We have both come to realize the older we get the less forgiving our bodies are when we fall out of the running wagon - it takes a lot to catch up to it and get back on.  It always surprises us when we do - stop running that is, because we both love it.

We ran 3 days last week - 6 miles on Monday, 5.5miles on Tuesday and Friday.  I normally run 6 miles with my Dad on Saturdays but I had weekend school, so he ran in the snow without me.   Yes I am aware that this mileage looks nothing like the sample training guide, and it doesn't hold to any traditional form of short and long runs.  Right now N and I are trying to just get really comfortable with 6 miles as a regular run before we start working with speed work and longer distances.  Her and I will start adding miles on to our Friday run, all while I add distance onto my Saturday run with my Dad.  Yes this does defy appropriate training, I have found however, that for myself, the biggest issue is dealing with fatigue - accepting fatigue and going through it.  It always surprises me when I run two runs back to back and keep pace with both - my brain is telling me I cannot where I know I can.  I guess I'm chalking it all up to really good training for an ultra, which I would like to do next summer...

I'm rambling - sorry as much as my legs work when they're tired, my brain does not do so well after a 12 hour intense class weekend.  This week's schedule is a little different - I'm going to be on my own for all but one of my runs, hopefully the weather doesn't cause too many problems.

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