Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 2 and 3 Update

Week 2 was a bit of write off given the weather around these parts.  I am all for running in the snow or in extreme cold weather, but when they combine together with ice and slush it's a recipe for a butt plant and a broken hip. 

Week 3 was a definite make up week for me:

Sunday - speed work - 2.5 mile sprint of sorts - I started behind my Dad and had to play catch up in the pouring ran with a strong headwind.
Monday - the same weather was happening so instead of our usual 5.5 mile run, my partner and I did a 1 hour Jillian Michaels' workout in her home.
Tuesday - Despite the fact that I could barely move we did an Insanity "Rest Day" work out.
Wednesday - 4 mile run with two other running partners
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 5.5 mile run with 30 minute JM work out.
Saturday - Rest

This is a lot of more activity than I have been doing for the last little while - the increase in activity is a combination of factors, primarily the weather and a realization that as I age no amount of mileage is going to tone and strengthen my body in the same way that combination of running and cross training do.  If you don't believe me - let me know how you feel the next day after one hour with Ms Michaels.'

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