Saturday, March 03, 2007


I'm a German/Russian girl with a strong fondness for all things Mennonite (my ethnic heritage) and Yiddish... so my idea of comfort food is a far removed from fried chicken, grits and mac and cheese. Borscht, farmer's sausage, cottage cheese wareniki (perogies) and etc - that you can feed me anyday - except now of course. So for the recipe contest, I decided to look to my heritage, since it seems that every vegan recipe is trying to maintain all the other comfort foods. Platz - a fruit pastry dish is another I'm going to be modifying. Anyways they did work, and I'm happy to email the recipe out to individuals, but it's not being posted lest that interfere with the contest part thing. They're work, but they are all gone too. Next on the list of things - is coconut cream pie cupcakes - tomorrow though.

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