Thursday, May 31, 2007

As an aside...

I had this moment this week as I was thinking about how I would have done the Gluttony dish on Top Chef, I was thinking of my pseudo latte version of tiramisu (posted way back when), it's a signature dish of mine - yet to be made 100% vegan - I need to find a good whipped cream substitute... anyways that led to Nigella... While she may have something for the 4 legged foes, she does have a refreshing casual nature about her cooking and her caloric intake. And one recipe came to mind, actually a few of hers, but one namely, Soft and Sharp Involtini, which is composed of eggplant, bulgar, tomatoes and pistachios. So alas on my jaunt to Whole Foods tomorrow (who could ask for a better b-day?) I'll be thinking of that, and a few other dishes I need to try out. I must say though there are days I wish I lived next to the NAAM.

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