Saturday, July 14, 2007

While I do rely on Google...

And my own culinary bravado, it's nice to have cookbooks full of everyday recipes - spanning the spectrum of taste/flavor and complexity. I purchased La Dolce Vegan by our own Sarah Kramer of Victoria - it's good, but I've found it a little frustrating at times...for various reasons - one I'm not a big breakfast person and secondly I just don't connect with the recipes - it's funny. So I ordered Vegan with a Vengeance from Chapters with all the other books - free shipping over $30, and I know McLeod's doesn't carry the titles I was looking for - and they sure wouldn't carry this cookbook. Why? Because you'd have to be insane to sell it - even a vegan crossed over to the dark side would keep it. Why again? Because I feel like I could and want to cook everything in the book - even the scrambled tofu - maybe I may grow to love "eggs" when my brain can get past all the previous events were I was ill after consuming scrambled, poached, fried and whatever elsed eggs.... I was also pleasantly surprised by the vegetables. Yes I do eat a fair amount of grains and beans - but I love my veggies and have a hard time continually finding new ways to incorporate them. I feel that if I were to integrate this food into my cooking I would be happy and so would whoever may be living with me at that time too.

And everyone else look forward to new recipes - yah!!!

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