Friday, July 13, 2007

Dinner... Veggie Roti with Cucumber Salad

Dinner tonight came together for three reasons - one: needed food, two: mango chutney, three: I missed the chicken roti I used to have occasionally from the local cafe in Yaletown. It's the roti thing, not the chicken I missed - just to clarify. So I used trusty Google and found a recipe for Roti, and for the filling....

Roti - makes 2 decent sizes pieces

1 cup flour - I used just all purpose - I'm sure a mix with whole wheat would work just as well
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt - omit altogether if using margarine
1/4 cup canola oil or marg which ever you prefer
1/4 cup approx "milk" or water

Pulse together in a food processor or mix by hand until a ball forms - let rest, and roll out when ready to use. When ready heat a large skillet/fry pan and rub with oil - just so it's faint and cook at med/high until toasty on both sides.

Filing: This can really be whatever you want - and would/could be a super quick supper if using previously cooked potatoes....

2-3 small potatoes - I used new nugget potatoes about 4 - diced into 1cm cubes
1/2 an average sized sweet potato - I don't know about yours but ours here are massive... diced same size as the potatoes
Now if you only have potatoes or want to use something different like a plantain (going for a Caribbean Indian flare then so be it, it's your recipe)
1 large sweet (preferably) onion finely diced/sliced or even chunks
4 cloves garlic
1-2 T curry paste

Optional ingredients: chick peas, peas, peppers, broccoli, raisins, cashews etc - whatever you want to add

The easiest option is to roast your starches in the oven until fork tender, yet firm. Meanwhile saute the rest of your ingredients, then add the starch once completed, adjust flavors adding a little fluid as necessary.
Cucumber Salad
1/2 English cucumber sliced thinly
handful chopped fresh dill and/or mint
2T sour "cream
1 tsp - 2T apple cider vinegar - to taste
salt/pepper to taste
another option is to use yoghurt or just soy creamer with the apple cider vinegar to function like buttermilk... which is the more traditional European recipe, where the yoghurt is Indian...

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