Friday, August 31, 2007

So Many Things to Blog

So little time to type.... exciting news: Be from the creators of LUSH is coming to Vancouver - an all vegan cosmetics and personal care store. Oh you do not understand how excited I am - no more reading a million and 1 labels or making people buying me gifts worry either like Jas who spent forever in The Body Shop trying to find a line of products free from all animal products. LUSH is great - local, natural and often organic and fair trade - which makes it all better too. So here is my announcement please oh please - Christmas people... you know what to buy.

And since it's pumpkin season at Starbucks - it is going to be another round of test kitchen fun in my kitchen tonight - that and we're going to be labouring tomorrow - the office is moving and as my boss joked it's labour day weekend - we're just doing what it says we should do... ha ha. On a more exciting note the first Starbucks due in Russia - yah, my sign that it is time to return.

I have a million other things to say and yet right now the lack of coffee and the overwhelming stress of packing the clinic has me preoccupied as well as the silence - no music - so quiet in here.

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stitchpixie said...

remember those gaudy primary colored body shop t-shirts circa 1995 that campaigned about animal rights? what a hoax?

err...lush.....different from that overpoweringly smelly bath-bomb-etc type store on robson? the smell is so strong i feel like it should make my eyes water from even the sidewalk