Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is what happens when I'm stressed and don't have running shoes near by...

Normally when I'm stressed I turn the music on loud - depending on the day Go Set Go's "I Hate Everyone" is a good choice, or just in general some Linkin Park et al. genre stuff. And then go for a run - a lung busting, I don't care that I run horribly unorthodox kind. But alas I spend my day on my feet at the clinic, and I leave my runners at the gym lest I forget them in my 5:30 am haze. So when in doubt, and need of some form of cathartic release that neither a shower or a lengthy blogging session can begin to ease - I cook up a storm. Yes, it is a little precarious to rely on food for comfort, but I look at it this way - I'm craving nasty cheesy pizza like the Pizza Hut kind - I know ick - my body would say the same too - so instead I made "sausage pasta" - good for dinner and lunch and dinner tomorrow... I know repetition - who knows if I'm really lazy tomorrow I'll just make a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. And to bring to the Surrey office to start my conversion of all the staff to the wonders of veganism - blueberry coffee cake. Now sadly enough I've actually posted both these recipes before - so I'm just posting their respective links and pictures.

Some of the stress will be over when Sheldon's safely back in Montreal - in less then 12 hours I'll be an only child again...

Blueberry Coffee Cake - note I added blueberries, of course and the zest of two lemons. Also since I was out of walnuts there is oatmeal instead of nuts in the topping - it's a either or thing with those - so your choice. And take the cloves and cardamon out - they aren't necessary. If we're going to be real picky the recipe I used wasn't the PPK one, it's the one Isa put in VWAV - but since Isa created both it's all good right?

Sausage Pasta - turns out that I never posted the recipe - oops, now you have to go buy VWAV, it's a cheap book packed with all sorts of gems, and in the end - I know you can't deny Isa's charms. Buy it - give in just a little to that consumer in you.

So you are stuck with vast quanities of sauce - make calzones like I did - stuff them with whatever you want - I had broccoli, pineapple, olives, mushrooms and peppers. Yummy

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