Friday, March 14, 2008

Tagged, Eh?

I've been tagged, ack! Wait, now- hold on it's not elementary school and I'm not fleeing from any boys set on having gravel pounded into my bare knees... *Sigh* Relief. Now to this whole tagging business - Miss Blueberry tagged me - *gush* - I've had all these new friends stop by and I feel like I'm empty handed, so I promise to get cracking on some new recipes and yes some new pictures - now with my camera rescued from my brother and Daylight Savings giving me a little natural light by the time I get home, there will be more in store. Not to mention all the sickness has given me energy to search out some new recipes and start packing the diet fuller of fruits and veggies - if that is at all possible. The lentils and quinoa on my counter having been glaring at me as of late - and rightfully so - time to put the chickpea cutlets aside, for a while.

So 5 things about me:

1. Organic chemistry excites me - bizarre I know, but H NMR's and aldehydes and all of that fascinates me - and yet *sigh* never finished that minor - all the hours in the lab and my love/hate relationship with reflux condensers and percent yields.

2. While I don't normally wear any jewelry other than earrings - you will often find me with a pashmina/scarf (fair trade from Ten Thousand Villages) around my neck.

3. I consider myself lucky as a vegan - in that I'm severely lactose intolerant - those things that tempt others like cheese cause me so much grief that I'm not tempted

4. Even though they don't last - I love cut flowers - tulips, lilies and peonies

5. After years of being dependent on S*bucks to get me through my day - I've weaned myself off coffee/Americanos/lattes and now consume at most, a cup a week - green tea/macha is my new friend.

Now who to tag? Let's see - I'll let you know when I get home - I have so many sites bookmarked...


Jenn said...

cheryl said...

did i remember reading somewhere that you had indeed acquired a camera again....?

Jenn said...

sort of - acquired the camera without the battery - and so the saga begins