Friday, April 09, 2010

New Home of Dairy, Soy and Gluten Free food

I know these changes might make you wonder what on earth I can eat. Well for one I am sorry to announce that this situation puts me in a non-vegan situation. There are people who might be able to make it work it without gluten or soy - but as far as I am aware that would leave you with just beans. A life of beans, nuts and rice is no life - I am sorry but it's not. I understand I am a cruel person, but if it is any conciliation I am attempting to make as many ethical choices as I can.

So of course the burning question is why? Well let's just say it's not an issue about waist lines or fashion. It is the burning issues of hives, GI issues and fatigue. Hives are the big issue. I have had chronic hives and no they aren't the result of allergies per say. They are apparently the result of stresses - and not just the kind of get a better less stressful job, if there is such a thing, kind of stress. Let's just say they are so annoying that I would eat or do whatever I can to reduce them. Yell at me if you want but in exchange I will offer you head to toe hives that last for days - that itch, burn and cover every free space of skin - then swell your eyes and lips and leave you an itchy ugly disaster. Now go out in public like this. You say still you shouldn't kill an animal in exchange - you know they suffer. I am sure they do, my hope is that in buying local from responsible farmers that they have the same view as me - happy, healthy animals who die with as minimal suffering as possible is the only ethical and moral option for those who cannot chose other options.

So there you have it - I am a constant itchy mess who is trying to to make as many dietary changes before I have to make drug changes - suggested is the possibility of using beta-blockers. I guess they make sense considering I feel 80.

So what will you see - you'll see GF recipes that contain goat's milk - which can be veganised - and I will do my best to veganise where possible.

So come along on my journey to figuring out if I can have a semi-normal life and in the process lose the hives.

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