Thursday, November 11, 2010

That Pesky Yeast

I guess I should start somewhere near the begining - so many moons ago I started to feel like I was 80 and not getting younger - the hives and all hell broke loose in my body. I quit running. I changed my diet. I changed my approach to life. I got better and then I didn't. The feeling better started to get stuck even a little unstuck. I started to get sick again. WTH was wrong now? I was starting to feel 80 with a heavy dose of chronic infections. So what was I do to. A friend of mine has been telling me for the last two years she was sure my problem was Candida Albicans. I was skeptical - really skeptical given the ads you see in newspapers that make it seem like it's just a bloating problem. Sure I bloat - I also eat a lot of bloat causing foods. Well apparently that wasn't the case...

See about a month ago as I was trying to battle my second infection in two weeks and as I hovered over a slew of bottles of herbal remedies I saw a package for a Candida Albicans treatment, read the box and it clicked and heck what did I have to lose? So I started taking the pills and trying to be conscious with my sugar intake. I know I'm not on the traditional anti-CA diet. I wish I could be but given that I am training for a marathon eliminating fruit and carbs is not really an option. I have removed bread/yeast, added sugar and sweets and I have found that I'm no longer "yeasty" in places (TMI I know) and I'm feeling more awake and less like death. So we'll see if this continues to improve, if not I'm going to consider following a more rigid anti-CA diet and the medical anti-fungal option.

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