Saturday, March 26, 2011

Checking In

So how is that training going?

You liked it, but you're not so sure now? Maybe you hated it and now are slowly changing you mind?  Let's have a second here.

I will admit going back out has been hard for me.  It was until this week.  I got to put on my running skirt and t shirt and go for a run.  Yes my running skirt may be scandalously short, but you know what?  I don't care.  What I do care about is how nice it feels to have my northern white coloured body exposed to air and daylight.  And speaking of daylight,  there is daylight when I go out for a run after work! Real daylight, not just the faint hints of it's previous existence on the edges of the sky.

You might not feel like running at this exact moment, the possibility of sun on your skin might scare you like it does Edward Cullen,  the point of my excitement is to remind you that in your dry periods, in your frustrations, that running is a metaphor for life.  There will be good days, there will be bad days, there might even be weeks you don't want to do it, but like work and getting out of bed you do it knowing there will be better days, you change what doesn't work, you mix things up to prevent things from getting stale.

So if you are in a rut consider buying a new shirt, socks, shoes, add some new songs to your ipod, map out a new route, stuff a Starbucks card in your shorts and go for a coffee and a treat after and enjoy your city, call up a friend, put the runner buddy call out on FB or Twitter.

For me?  I ran in the sun, got my latte and I'm considering adding the following to my playlist, while maybe buying this:

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