Saturday, April 09, 2011

Food Update

Things have been a little a-backwards in these parts. My acupuncturist's recommendation to reduce my sugar when awol with my boyfriend's visit and the subsequent change in my schedule and sitting in a hospital room. Life is not normal. It doesn't help I had a medical procedure about 3 weeks ago (IUD insertion) and it's impaired my ability to run... Long long story. The point of this blog is to update you on some GF discoveries and failures:

You miss Cocoa Puffs? I didn't until I saw this box in Whole Foods last Wednesday and then I missed them, really missed them, like willing to pay $6 for the box missed them. They did not fail. They turned the milk that awesome chocolately flavour that my 5 year old self craved.

The Mueseli is good, it's not great - to be honest there are better versions on the GF market. My biggest complaint is it's really sweet, much more than the cocoa puff to be honest and the raisins are lethally dry. It is not vegan because they chose to use honey to sweeten it and I think that's a shame, they should have used agave and added more soft raisins and it might have been a real winner. To add to the moderate rating, it's $7 a box. If it went on sale would I buy it? Nope.

GoGo Quinoa has a pancake mix. I tried to make it palatable, I really tried - I added agave, vanilla, cinnamon and even a little salt. It was horrible. It might have been rancid, but I doubt it. The mix brought to the forefront the really earthy flavour quinoa can have. If you like quinoa, then try it. As for myself I'll go back to making my own pancakes from my flour mix, because those are also vegan, which I prefer too.

Though on the pancake front Canadian Living has a new recipe for sweet potato pancakes and the food stylist made them look good enough to eat - so I'm going to try them out and let you know if they are or it's just some fancy photo shopping....

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