Thursday, March 10, 2011

Laugh or You Will Not Survive

Running requires laughing - there will be many many moments while you are training and eventually racing that things might not go as planned.  You might be stuck squatting in a bush because you picked the wrong thing to eat for lunch or you realize mid run your pants/shirt/shorts are revealing more than they should... the list goes on. 

This moment of humor may be a little soon for some of you newbie's to running, but I still wanted to share one of the things I enjoyed most about running the Houston Marathon.  The story behind these can be found here.


Geoffrey Lussier's mile-by-mile motivational signs borrowed from Burma-Shave's playbook. (These sayings were on signs that lined the marathon course)

Mile 1. • Lookin' good! (So far. …)
Mile 2. • Adrenaline got you this far. All guts from here!
Mile 3. • Seriously, who fartleked?
Mile 4. • It's all uphill from here.
Mile 5. • Runner X-ing
Mile 6. • You're not slow, you're enjoying the course.
Mile 7. • Relax. You're not going to win.
Mile 8. • I love the smell of 22,000 runners in the morning.
Mile 9. • 26.2, because 26.3 would be CRAZY!
Mile 10. • When Chuck Norris hits walls, they fall down.
Mile 11. • Johnny Knoxville wouldn't even do this to himself.
Mile 12. • Only 5.3 miles to finish! (if you take the most direct route)
Mile 13. • You're already a winner. You won the lottery to get here.
Mile 14. • Nobody to blame but yourself.
Mile 15. • Toenails were made to fall off.
Mile 16. • If you were a Kenyan, you'd be done by now.
Mile 17. • Shirt, how do thou chafe me? Let me count the ways. ...
Mile 18. • You paid $115 for this?
Mile 19. • Sweating = fat cells crying.
Mile 20. • Your training runs ended here.
Mile 21. • At this point, it will hurt just as much to walk.
Mile 22. • Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall you just hit.
Mile 23. • Graveyard ahead. Look alive. (there was an actual graveyard this is not runner's slang)
Mile 24. • Give me a high five!
Mile 25. • If pain is temporary, why does this feel like an eternity?
Mile 26. • Congratulations!!!! Almost. …

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