Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Commuter Running Rehashed

Before I left work for graduate school I was running home from the train and finding it was fine but I was still struggling a little with it. I have found my solution. I walk to the train in my running clothes, with my work clothes in my bag and run home. The biggest issue I was having before was what would I do with all the extra stuff, like an umbrella and coat, that I needed in the morning. And this time around my even bigger issue is the bus system. I usually take a bus to the train and it is scheduled to arrive every 10 to 12 minutes. So I would normally arrive at the stop about 5 minutes early with a one bus buffer if anything were to happened. However I found this past month as I have started needing it to arrive consistently it is not consistent, other than consistently late, very late. I have on many occasions stood at the stop for 30-40 minutes. If you're doing the math that is 3 to 4 buses not arriving. They do eventually arrive, just all at once. So now instead of standing there getting mad and frustrated that I'm late for work or panicking because the little girl I need to pick up from preschool is going to wonder where I am and I need someone to take her for the additional time it is going to take me to get there, I have started walking.

The sad/awesome thing - it takes me 35 minutes to walk to nearest easily accessible train station (the other two, like the one I run from is up a huge hill). That is shorter than the total time it takes for me to get the train via bus when the bus is on time, which I find a little sad. The awesome thing is I get to enjoy my neighborhood, have less stress and enjoy my latte on the train when I get to the station. No stress and a little gentle cardio.

I am still running home and doing weights when I get home. When the weather turns I might opt to vary this format and pick up some more yoga, but right now it works amazing.

I say all this to encourage you to investigate how you can get to and from work healthier for you and the planet.


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