Saturday, May 18, 2013

It Has Been A While

My apologies, it seems graduate school and juggling blogging is a skill I have yet to master. It is my hope that I can get my posting back up to speed and in the process document a full year of running ahead of me (and my Dad).

To update things - last October we ran the Portland Marathon. I will say as much as I love the Philadelphia Marathon, I think the Portland Marathon eeked past it in fan support and the organization of the finish line. The food after finish line is always a nice perk, but now that I am gluten free I have noticed how few options there often are to the point where it almost seems like an additional punishment rather than a reward. Well Portland had gluten free bread - the joy. I am sure I was slightly delirious but I told the young lady handing it out that if I wasn't sweaty I would have hugged her and it warranted a thank you letter to organizers.

So that is where we've been.

Where we are going?

Well back to Portland for sure. We will be running the marathon with hopes of improving our times. I will also continue training for the Ragnar Relay series which I will be running with a team of 11 other ladies in the Florida Keys next February. My father and I may do the Vancouver Marathon although given the heat this year during the running I'm extremely hesitant, we may opt for just doing the half or we will pick another one earlier in the Spring.

This is all amazing but we have a goal. A BIG GOAL.

The Ragnar Relay, Ultra (Mixed Team) in October 2014 - Washington, DC.

On the food etc front - still gluten free and slowly feeling my body fully recovering - which is a huge blessing. This is the first year where I have gotten sick, even really sick but managed to survive more or less and not find myself continually cycling back.

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