Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Hallelujah and all that jazz - Blenz in Yaletown offers "skim" soy milk, rather than the full fat stuff, which tastes great but on a daily basis is lethal stuff. I have to confess veganism has been hard because of where I came from the land of salads and bland diet food. I was one of those strict eaters - hadn't had 2% since I was in elementary school, and not 1% for at least the last two years - combine that with Weight Watchers and every other diet imaginable, combined of course with exercise, I had managed to whittle away two dress sizes - went from a 12 to an 8 and since that's the thinnest my mom ever was I know that's where I'll be a 8(though a 6 is the goal). I personally just want to feel comfortable - like when I wear something form fitting, but not tight - there is a difference. I'm not looking for the Nicole Ritchie look, or trying to fit into skinny jeans etc. Anyways, veganism, the stress of the spring, and my lack of exercise (went from 6-4 days a week) have resulted in a little tummy, Buddha belly what have you - now with Vegas 2 months away I'm going to be taking up yoga in addition with my cardio in the hopes that I can find some peace - not looking to change me - because I wonder if that was a healthy me before, but a firmer me would be nice. So there we go, ya Blenz for helping me, not to mention your chai is above and beyond Starbucks - like galaxies apart.

On another note, I bought a bottle of their chai, and I'm going to mix it into the cheesecake mix and make me some little cheesecakes for the beach tomorrow.

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