Monday, July 02, 2007


I was recently lamenting my inability to find the basic ingredients necessary for good food in Yaletown. Crazy as it is, I actually do the majority of my shopping at Choices - not by choice oddly enough. The last time I had a complete menu planned out of the week I was looking desperately for seitan and I couldn't find it for the life of me. I must digress for a moment here to recall the first time I heard about seitan was a TV show about celebrity chef's and the woman was giving her recipe for kung pau seitan - I was perplexed, Satan? what did she/he/it have to do with food? Yes, it sounds the same, not like the hockey player's last name that he has pronounced differently. So I love it even more - it's fun to pass on the confusion...

Enough with that - it turns out that I did buy seitan, and not tempeh the last time I was shopping - hah! At least I know Choices stocks the stuff. But the seitan is not the "meat" of choice today, tempeh is. I had a 6oz package of tempeh burgers that I needed to do something with, and being that I had the day off why not make "sausage?" I had a craving for more "meat" today. I used the Post Punk Kitchen's version by cutting up the burgers into a small dice - it worked well on my pizza (lunch) and in my pasta sauce (dinner).

I must say that while the reviews indicated it would be good with scrambled tofu, I detested eggs prior to being vegan, that's not a taste I can get my brain around... if someone wants to be my guinea pig I would be happy to make brunch for you one Sunday.

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