Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chai Cheesecake

I made these before in April, I was thinking about making another version for a while, and my latest obsession with chai, has lead to the following - a work in progress actually...

Supplies and Info: muffin tin, liners, and a flat utensil that fit the tin for pressing and a large 9x13 pan for "ban marie" - aka hot water bath, all ingredients at room temperature, oven as per usual 350
2 tubs tofu "cream cheese" (80z)
1 package soft or silken tofu (14oz)
3/4 c. liquid chai mix - if you want a more pronounced chai flavour, consider warming the mix and steeping a bag of black chai tea in it...
1/3-1/2 cup sugar (more if the mix you are using does not have sugar)
1 tsp vanilla
3T cornstarch
pinch salt
1-2 cups gingersnaps (Anna's brand is supposedly vegan)
1/2 cup minced candied ginger
1/8- 1/4c. vegan margarine melted

Combine margarine, crumbs and ginger until coated - adjust as necessary. You want it moist but not overly wet. Spoon about an 1/8th of a cup into each tin, press flat with utensil of choice (as seen below). Set aside or you have the option of toasting them in the oven, good idea if you are going the nut and cookie route - add a little depth of flavor.
If you aren't going the personal sized route, as this recipe does make more than 12 individual sizes, use a springform pan lined with a piece of parchment. As well wrap the outside the pan in two layers of tin foil and then immerse the pan into the ban marie, adding water to about 1/2 way up the side. For how to pics - check out April's postings.

Using either a blender, mixer or food processor, beat soften cream cheese, add sugar and blend. Scrape down the bowl and add tofu, blend on high to mix well, add liquid and cornstarch. Blend on high, mix to a uniformly smooth liquid. Ladle into prepared tins.Place the large pan in the oven, fill with water - if you're a keener you know that ideally it should be from a kettle/boiling . Then while stable place the pan on top. If you can't find a pan and tin combo that fit together (see below), don't worry about it - just bake at 300-325

Cooking time is about 50-60 minutes. Once all finished, turn the oven off, open the door and let cool.

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Kara can cook said...

Wow, what a beautiful plate, you are really artistic and should write a vegan cookbook, I would definately buy one.