Monday, August 27, 2007


The first and last time I had one was via Opa! and it was awful - horrible, like the inside of my mouth was disintegrating due to the dry over salted mealy mess. That experience left me with two conclusions no more Opa! and Isa has to make better ones. Sure enough she does but as I've said before buy the cookbook, seriously folks it's like $18.62 on and if you have the iRewards or want to use mine it's even cheaper. Or if you are so lucky you can sample this and many more of her goodies as I'm whipping them up for our house/hole warming party at the end of September.

One note I baked mine on a lightly greased with olive oil cookie sheet - and then in an oven at 400 convection. I hate frying stuff as one it's not really healthy, and I have a tendency to burn stuff on the outside and it's not cooked on the inside. In addition I don't have the patience - really when it comes down to it, it's easier to use a cookie scoop to portion them and then through them into the oven while I make the rest of the dinner or just watch TLC - trying to figure out this slipcovering business.

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