Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I have a love/hate relationship with baking

I love baking - but when I want and under my terms - those terms namely being at weird hours and when I'm dealing writers block or abnormal amounts of stress. I've been signed up for/volunteered to bake about 5 dozen cookies/servings for Tenth for the next two Sundays. Er, I wasn't expecting it to be two weeks in a row - now what? I need suggestions for what to make. I have in the past made the standards my chocolate chip cookies, Isa's Milano's and my chewy ginger snaps - because they are all simple. The last time I made Isa's lemon bars but they were still not quite right - I have to change that recipe around.

Preferably I like there to be something with chocolate, everything without nuts and something with fruit... so I've been thinking lemon/orange loaf - if I cut it in half length wise, I could easily get 2 dozen pieces a loaf - so that's 4 dozen if I make two loaves. Cookies? I'm not sure - Starbucks has those Vanilla Scones which look interesting... but maybe for the following week, and then I'm still in need of cookies - what other kind of cookies?



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missblueberry said...

I recommend vegan pumpkin loaf! It is fantastic and has accompanied me to many a baby shower/wedding shower/work shindig.

If you are interested in the recipe send me an email and I will get it for you asap.