Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Isa's Bean Balls

Now I've had a few eyebrows rise when I say bean balls and even some chuckles but they are easy and they a good change from the chickpea cutlet that has dominated my cooking as of late - I'm going to experiment with them. Notes though - I fried and then baked mine, as well I kept them out of the sauce until the end to retain the crunchy bits. If you want the recipe go by Veganomicon, like the rest of the sane world has - and if you are being awesome - buy it from a small bookstore - like NOT Chapters or Amazon.


Kara can cook said...

Oh my God, I did not realize you had written not one but three cookbooks, bravo, I cannot even write down a recipe let alone a whole book. I will definately be buying one or two of them. thanx for keeping vegan alive.

Jenn said...

Kara, actually the recipes and cookbooks are Isa's, not mine. I fiddle with her recipes but regardless unless there are major changes I don't publish them on the blog due to copyright and in general just courtesy. Do buy her cookbooks they are staples in any vegan cook's kitchen.