Saturday, April 17, 2010

Full Week!

It's been a full food week around here as I try and figure out what life looks like now - struggling with issues like how do I get fiber in me now that throwing a cup of bran buds in my food every day is no longer an option. The other major option is the prevalence of soy in EVERYTHING.

So this week I made: bagels, "beer" battered fish and yam fries, waffles and lamb meatballs...

So first to the bagels - I have to say while I am not a huge carbohydrate person in the sense of toast and such, but having bagels as a go to snack item has been lovely. The recipe is amazingly simple - I've linked to it in an earlier post - below are the photos from the process. Just one small word of wisdom DO NOT use agave for the sweetener - the issue is not the flavor but rather the browning process - these have to ideally cook at a high heat for a while - you need to just "ghetto it" and go with plain white granulated sugar for the sweetener.
"Beer" Battered fish. If you can find GF beer then go for it or just use any form of mineral water you would like. I used this recipe as the base concept.

1 bottle of canola oil
Fresh fish fillets - whatever quantity you need - there is plenty of batter.
3/4 cup AP flour mix
3/4 cup White Rice Flour
2 T cornstarch
1 tsp salt
1 can beer/mineral water

Now this might be too runny or not enough liquid you will have to play with it until you get a paper mache type consistency. Place portion pieces in the batter, drip off excess and fry until golden. I put mine on paper towel and then in the oven to make sure they are all cooked through. If you are frying in a deep pot like I did, I found there was a tendency for the fish to adhere themselves to the bottom - my remedy is to hold the fillet when it first goes in the oil with tongs (not fingers like I would do), so that it's away from the bottom - so then the batter isn't making a gluey b-line to the pot bottom.

Waffles! So I have noted that I love my waffles for breakfast and I LOVE Van's waffles, but they have soy in them, so we have parted and I have found a renewed love for my cheap- ___ waffle maker.

I used this recipe as is but added about 1/4 cup of ground flax, again I used agave, and I think in the future I might go the route of either sugar or maple syrup. The recipe needs a little help, but if you are using it as a base for lots of flavors it is actually quite good.

I can't stress enough that all your work will be wasted if you don't have spray on oil - it is not worth it to try any other option. This mix can be left in the fridge overnight as I did when I realized that it wasn't worth the fight without the spray on.

Now you are probably wondering what is up, where is the meatball recipe - it's coming, don't you worry

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