Thursday, April 22, 2010


Don't fret there will be updates soon - right now I am in the middle of play-off fervor but given my home team's propensity to choke, that should be short lived.

Important information though - the waffles freeze AMAZING. I thought I wouldn't be all that impressed given that they are soft out of the waffle maker and are somewhat fragile. Regardless from the freezer to a cookie sheet and under the broiler they are actually better than Van's. Though it should be noted they are not the same - they are heavy on the flax and a heck of a lot healthier tasting and looking for that matter. They are dense, soft and filling, with the tooth feel and tongue texture of a buttermilk pancake (fluffy yet stick to your ribs).

I am going to attempt Vietnamese salad rolls one of these days soon - likely tomorrow night as it's Friday and game night and I would like to not be running in and out to the barbecue.


Soy sauce. Soy is apparently in EVERYTHING, more than modified milk ingredients these days. Now I know you can get gluten free soy sauce or Bragg's but how do you replicate soy sauce in a GF and SF fashion?

Pizza: I purchased a rice flour based frozen crust from WF recently and while great in concept, the execution is a major fail - regardless of alterations - the top (sauce side) is always mushy and the bottom rock hard. For me that combo of mush and hard crust is not appetizing. So we'll see I am assuming I'm going to have to make my own dough and freeze it.

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