Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Heaven Help Me

I can't seem to find enough sleep, enough protein, enough quiet and even worse food without gluten, soy or dairy unless I want to eat another round of sushi without soy sauce.

However at my own hands I can bake, I bake every time my favorite hockey team plays which is a lot these days. Last night I decided to try making sponge cakes. Now in theory a good idea, in actuality slightly flawed. They would be perfect in a trifle or a tiramisu. However both of those require copious amounts of dairy - so my one solution? Cool Whip aka Franken-food. It has no dairy and no soy and really nothing that should denote it as food but it is apparently. Regardless they are in my freezer awaiting a time when they will be dunked in something. At least I can take heart in knowing that egg based desserts do work with GF flour mix.

As for the recipe I am not posting it because it's meh. If you really really need to have it I can give you the link and all the changes I made - by that I mean I used proper cooking techniques. It annoys me to no end when I see recipes where people indicate that the instructions are wrong but that they "fixed" it and it was perfect. What did you fix? Now while I say this, I am not going to correct anyone because what I made was meh, and it was really in the end likely nothing like the original.. long digression.

However I promise there will be photos, very very soon.

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