Saturday, June 12, 2010

Before we get to recipes today

This week officially marks the end of all my testing. Now we still have no answers. I knew that this would be the outcome when my body opted out of cooperating during the initial allergy testing. Then it began - lots of blood etc removed from me in the epic testing of 2010, x rays, physical exam with associated tests (I will not spell that one out for you) and more doctors appointments and in the end I had two ultrasounds this week which actually in violation and pain topped all the other tests - I will gladly give another 10 vials of blood before I have an ultrasound wand shoved in my side at 8am on Monday morning after consuming 1L of water at 6am (all of which had to be retained).

So what we do know is I am "better" less hives, illness, fatigue, pain and eczema. However the reasons for these events is still unknown and I am still having the above from time to time, or they are yet to go away like my eczema.

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