Saturday, June 12, 2010


I am learning that this process is by no means a simple one, because when you think you've got it figured out, things change:

Part A: Last weekend I made these lovely "puddle" cookies from 101Cookbooks from frozen egg whites I had stashed away after making tart filling for my birthday fruit flan. I didn't even think that a cookie composed mostly of egg whites wouldn't be the smartest idea to nosh on. Egg whites are something I am mildly allergic too according to all my fancy blood work from earlier on this year. The allergist suggested that I am in no way at risk for anaphylaxis, but that chowing down on egg white omelets etc is not a fabulous idea. I believe I need to start listening better.

So on that note though, make them, they are lovely and a while likely high in sugar calories, they are low in fat... so you get your chocolate fix without the extras.

Part B: I in desperation had a breakfast wrap at WF yesterday - I don't know how to describe the feeling of your skin crawling in a itchy out of body experience kind of way, a sort of drunk feeling in my body - tingly, itchy, really not fun - and my throat apparently decided to get in on the action making my mucous glands work overtime - swallowing was interesting. Good times, I think not - no more large quantities of stressful foods for me.

I have decided that making multiple meals on Sunday/Monday in preparation for my Tuesday night class and Wednesday food fall apart day is a good idea - below is a "Asian" salad - similar to the one Gwenyth Paltrow makes on her vlog - I instead added noodles, cooked chicken breast and did a peanut based dressing. In the end it's one of those throw whatever into and enjoy kinds of salads.

The second meal on the table is also from 101Cookbooks - it roughly follows her carrot salad recipe - I used larger carrots, and added red onion, Kalamata olives, goat feta, mint and cilantro in addition. I also paired it with canned (rinsed and drained chickpeas) and millet - topped with some of the orange dressing from the carrot recipe.

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