Friday, June 04, 2010


Sorry for being so tardy with the update. I was recently in Portland checking out all the amazing GF/DF/SF food they had to offer, that and Powells and their Happy Hour. Oh BLESSINGS on Happy Hour.

But now life moves onwards. And so does this blog. So what is happening? Well in the next few weeks I am going to be adding more vegan inspired meals to my menu as I attempt to vastly increase my fruit/vegetable intake. Now I will say that I am by no means unhealthy, however I am beginning to realize with the encouragement of Suka (acupuncturist) that at $80+ a treatment I need to really really press forward into creating a healthy sustainable foundation to my life.

So what does that look like?

Green smoothies - the weather is slowly improving so these will be making a re-appearence
More raw nuts
More fruit/vegetables - raw ideally though cooked is an option
Nut milk - I have found an Organic Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk that isn't that bad - in the smoothies it's especially easy to hide.
Decrease coffee increase tea (herbal - especially Rooibos) she swears by a Hazelnut Rooibos tea that apparently is a suitable replacement for coffee - hmmm.

To achieve many of these wonderful things will take some work, some brain power and some time on this website as well as reading through Gluten Free Girl's new book which I purchase while in Oregon.

Oh and without further adieu photos:

My semi-famous arugula, fennel and orange salad - beyond easy to make supreme an orange over a bowl, squeeze the remaining juice out of the flesh, add a little salt, pepper, olive oil and white wine/apple cider vinegar depending on the juice of the orange. If you've got time then a red onion finely minced or a shallot can be thrown in, top with finely sliced fennel and washed arugula, toss and that is it. You can add cheese (if that is an option for you) or toasted nuts too...

Those lovely green smoothies I've been talking about and below all the lovely pills and my default "green smoothie" to which I surprisingly add more spirulina to

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