Sunday, October 17, 2010

Udi's Makes Me Want to Cry

TEARS OF JOY! I don't know if non GF'ers understand what a frustration it is to not have access to certain convenience foods or to be offered "alternatives" that no human with functioning taste buds would want to consume. I was surprised to see that Udi's had infiltrated my local WF but after weeks of waiting for my GF bread to come back to the freezer section I thought it was completely worth the try.

I love the "whole wheat" bread, actually I love it too much, I am noticing that I can consume a loaf of bread by myself in one week, I have never done that. I even love the pizza crusts more. I like pizza but I don't love it, but these oddly I love. I love that it is thin and it functions exactly like a "normal" crust would and should. I would highly recommend it - especially for those DF and SF folks out there because crazy as it sounds those products aren't in there either.

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