Saturday, March 05, 2011


Goals are a hard thing with long distance running. Actually the goal is easy, achieving that goal and not giving up before it's accomplished is the hard part. I have a goal of running a 4:30 marathon this year. However, higher on my goal list is competing in a specific race.

Every runner needs to have a goal. It does not need to involve a race day. It could be run a 8 minute mile - or faster or slower. Maybe you want to run a 50minute 10km, a sub 2 hour half, whatever your goal is you need to have a game plan and an accountability person. I would like to say your Visa bill is enough of an accountability "person" but it's not. As such I am going to turn myself into a guinea pig of accountability - you my people and I am happy to have you share.

My goal?

It's a big goal, I'm not looking for a 4:30. It would be pure unadulterated gravy if I did - why? Trails are great for knees but they are also not the easiest ground to run on.

So now you know my goal, in the next weeks and months I'm going to let you know how I plan on getting to Beatty Nevada and how I plan on finishing.

In the process we'll cover the basics of this journey. I am aware that some of my readers have a race coming up in June - so we'll make sure to cover some crucial points by May.


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